Sony ZV-1 Vlog camera Price in India

Sony ZV-1 Vlog camera Price in India

The Sony zv-1 camera is usefull to the short film maker, youtuber and vlogger or just every day home video makers. The zv1 can shoot 4k and up to 30 frames per second and 1080p it up to 120 frames per second and it goes up to 960 frames per second at 420P in two second. The sensor size the zv1 sports a 1 inch sensor the lens it comes with a 24 to 70mm that is stops down to a 1.8 aperture at 24 mm and 2.8 aperture at 70mm. But this lens is not interchangeable so it’s the only lens you get this camera.

The ZV1 lens will do a lot better and low light compared to most kit lenses and will also give you a lot more background blur also comparing to an iphone the optical quality of the glass is going to be a lot nice and do a better job in situations like when you are putting your subject n front of a bright light so this lens is definitely be nicer than most beginner options.

The auto focus this is a big one for beginners and vloggers and home video makers very usefull. The autofocus technology with their dual pixel autofocus but Sony gives better and they included in this entry level camera real time eye auto focus that worked good. The another cool feature is that this camera has products showcase settings which means going from eye tracking focus  to putting something in front of the screen the camera usually does not pick up the product because it’s focusing on the face. So you have to put it in front of your face in order for it pick it up.

The Sony camera you push the button you can switch the focus mode to look for the product and switch back and forth just make sure you turn this off when you want it to focus on your face. The image stabilization it has a combination of both optical and electronic stabilization that results in very smooth handheld shot while walking or running so definitely get a stabilizer so everything is good.

The low light performance it’s lot better than your smartphone or other entry level cameras. The colors and the skin tones are very nice. The one thing this camera is very focused on is audio quality this one of the biggest issues with beginner cameras like iphones and most DSLRs is that the internal microphones on  the camera itself is usually really bad and requires an external microphone have any kind of audio that’s decent.

But on this Sony zv1 camera in particular sony build it for vloggers and youtubers in mind so they put a three capsule directional mic allowing anything in front of the camera minimizing background noise.The main thing of this Sony zv1 camera the side flip out screen this is the 1st sony camera to support one of these top flipping screens this is one of the great thing.

The Sony ZV-1 Camera is priced at Rs.67,990.