Sony A7C Camera Price in India

Sony A7C Camera Price in India

Sony A7C camera was launched on September 2020. On that time, many people are expected for release of A74 model and Sony released this A7C model. It comes under the Alpha series and this Sony A7C camera comes with full frame mirror less camera. It is one of the slimmest camera in Sony types and it mainly useful for short film makers, vloggers and youtubers. If you travel somewhere or parting somewhere, this Sony A7C will be the best.

This Sony A7C uses with 24.2 megapixel with 693 sensor PDAF and the processor for this is Bionzx with 10fps shots. When it comes to door structure, it is super and far better than the floppy door. Microphone Jack point is on the top and it doesn’t disturb the mike when you are flip out. It makes comfortable for the users. Also we can turn or rotate the screen in front and it will be very useful while capturing.

Sony A7C was very impressive in tracking and capturing the photos inout of focus. It captures nearly 115 raw photos & 225 jpeg photos and it is has the best dynamic range among other camera. Yes, this makes the user very good in low light area. It can also takes 10 raw photos per second. As the same, video performance is also impressive and it is 4K video resolution type. This Sony A7C is smooth in auto focus to capture the video with full HD. Also while capturing, wide angle image are best and it performs well in low light.

Battery life of this Sony A7C camera is as the same as, Sony A7 III. NP-FZ100 battery was used with this light weight. And there is less over heat warning. And it comes with no recording limit and we can record till the end of the battery.

There is one custom buttons only in centre and also there are three custom settings in top. It is very easy to change the photo type into video type with one rotate. Also there is touch screen and it is used for focusing only with old Sony menu system. This Sony A7C camera comes with single card slot only.

When it comes to display features, TFT LCD is used as type and the size of this Sony A7C camera is 3 inch. The display resolution is nearly 921600. Also there are some features in other cameras like, HDMI, USB, GPS and WIFI. It also comes with Black covered colour and as we already said, Sony A7C camera is mainly made for short film makers, vloggers and youtubers with light body and low weight.

The Sony A7C camera is priced at Rs.1,76,990.