Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Laptop Price in India

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Laptop Price in India

The Mi Notebook 14 laptop this is the Horizon series this is the slightly higher end variant. This is core i7 that comes with 512GB of  SSD and the dedicate media MX 350 graphic card but they also launched one more variant that is actually know as the Mi Notebook and that comes with core i5. We get the charger 65 watt power charger and also get web camera because webcam is not included this laptop. The Laptop weight balance has been done well and a windows 10 that is pre installed and there are three apps actually pre installed one is mi support app and also one more app installed that is mi transfer and we have to connect it Bluetooth if you have an android phones you can transfer data. And one more app installed that is MI Unlock.

The mi notebook 14 typical window 10 and this is the core i7 10th generation. The body of the laptop metallic even the back is the same and back we have lot of things cooling fan and speakers. The left side of the laptop have a USB type c and regular USB 2 port and also have headphone and microphone jack integrated and the another side of the laptop power brick and HDMI port that is 1.4 and Two USB 3.1 ports and also have USB type C port.

The battery life has been good and the configuration what we have this is the horizon for the weights 1.35 kg. The intel’s 10th generation core i7 10 of 510 processor and also get it with a core i5 variant. RAM is only 8GB and SSD 512GB this one was the higher end variant comes with NVIDIA MX 350 GPU it claims about 10 hours of battery life.

The keyboard layout is decent and quite good but one bad thing is does not have any backlighting on keyboard. The performance is very fast because this is latest core i7 processor. That is fast paired with that SSD that is also very fast SSD 512GB.  So the performance wise you don’t have to worry it was a very fast. The charging speed is actually very good it charges really fast with the adapter that is supplied. 30 minutes charging you get 50% so the charging speed is definitely fast.

The screen having a 14 inch and very thin the screen quality is good. The best thing is glare does not come even we have a tube light at the back so that’s a nice thing. Terms of color accuracy is pretty good and main thing is weight balance is nice it’s a 1.35kg only. The sound from the speakers it has two speakers at the back the sound quality is very average. Because of the volume level was low. They provide that separate webcamera accessory in the box. That’s also one bad thing because the front facing camera is an important thing. The overall features and specs is not bad.

The Mi Note 14 Horizon laptop priced at Rs.59,999.