HP 15 11th Generation 15-1135G7 Laptop Price in India

The HP 15 11th generation core i5 quad core processor 8GB of DDR4 RAM intel’s integrated iris xc graphics and 500GB solid drive and also have the latest wi-fi and Bluetooth standards on board and this is hd plus disply it’s slightly above 720P. The laptop is metallic silver color and 45 watt charging adapter cable and no this laptop does not support USB C charging. The laptop design so good the top of the laptop like full metallic color it’s a full hard TPU finish.

                                       Also in between you have the HP logo which has a nice reflective mirror like surface in between and the left side of the laptop got the DC jack and two USB 3.O ports and other side you have HDMI port and USB C port and also have a headphone jack and a DD card reader which is good. The bottom side it’s standard stuff and got a hard TPU shell and rubber grips. The Trackpad quality is good the surface is made of plastic.

                                      The keyboard while the keys are nice and large in terms of the surface area it fell not bad and top of that is no backlighting and all the traditional media keys are intergrated with the functional keys and dedicated power button. The main offer is got 720p webcam that is so good. The hp plus display resolution of 1366 by 768 also have a brightness of 250 nits. It’s fine as far as most indoor lighting scenarios.

                                      The color rating of 45 NTSC the screen looks not bad on the note of gaming this laptop is not designed for gaming so it’s unfair to hold it to that standards but that integrated iris xc chipset definitely hold it’s ground playing games only play the low graphics games. The HP 15 11th generation laptop is regular work like editing, email and browsing all those things it perform really well. The speaker’s was good multimedia experience watching movies or listening to music the music sound output was really great. The battery life is 7 hours of battery life with light use on this laptop at around 50%  brightness.

                                     Over all the battery performance is not bad. The HP 15 got large speaker grill on the bottom. Over all the HP 15 11TH generation 15-1135g7 Laptop processor and graphics display brightness charging ports camera performance are good.                                     

The HP 15 11TH generation 15-1135g7 is priced at Rs.60,175.

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