Dell inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 core i5 1135g7 Laptop Price in India

Dell inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 core i5 1135g7 Laptop Price in India

The Dell inspiron 14 inch this is the 5406 model and it is one of their convertible two in one systems so with the 360 degree and rotating screen include touch screen. The laptop finished in a fairly standard fidel gray with the dell logo on the top. The inside the laptop same gray finish and large touch pad for the 14 inch size of machine and the power button also a fingerprint sensor which is a nice touch on these models and the overall looking is good.

The webcam at the top on this laptop and there is a little hardware switch for privacy on the camera and it is a i5 and 11th generation i5 1135g7 the g7 in the processor name indicates that it has intel iris xe graphics and have a 256GB SSD or 512GB SSD which us a m2 type and have a 8GB of RAM which is a single DDR4 3200 and two slots inside the laptop. The 802.11 AX Wireless and what dell term as a wide viewing angle display and the ports left side of the device have a power jack with charging indicator LED and HDMI port. Also have USB 3.2 generation 1 port and USB 3.2 generation 2 USB C ports.

The right side have Microphone and headphone jack and additional USB 3.2 generation 1 port and we have Full size SD card slot. One other  feature is we open the screen it lifts the base of the laptop as the hinge comes down and this gives an air gap between the machine and the cooling fans help the laptop when you working  on a hard surface like a desk or table.

The keyboard buttons and touchpad is not bad and the finger print sensor it’s very fast. The camera options also work quickly and the front touch screen it is a glossy finish and wide viewing angles. The color reproduction is good it is not an high brightness panel. That i5 1135 g7 the system ships with windows 10 home and it is the 2004 build of windows 10. The option for customizing the display color profiles and supports updates power Managemant all the options are great. The 8GB RAM at single DDr4 3200 speeds in that slot we also have intel IRIS XE graphics and the dell power management tool actually nice.

The processor we have optimized default that the system ships on we have ultra performance which allow for higher processor and fan speeds and raising the TDP limit to allow the system to use more the time. The performance mode so cool is designed to keep the surface temperature of the laptop down and the designed to keep the noise level down. The fan speed also so good and it product less noise and we have 4000 watt battery that also not bad. So overall the features and performance is good.

The Laptop Dell inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 core i5 1135g7 laptop priced at Rs.70,804.