Acer aspire 5 A515-56 11th Generation Laptop Price in India

Acer aspire 5 A515-56 11th Generation Laptop Price in India

The Acer aspire 5 15 inch laptop this is intel’s latest 11th generation intel core i5 processor 8GB of speed DDR4 RAM also got 512GB storage drive and latest intergrated IRIS graphical chipset , wi-fi and Bluetooth and have a full hd 1080P screen . so this acer aspire 5 is competing in a midrange segment of laptop.

The laptop is light gray color and 45 watt charging adapter and no USB C charging and the build quality is decent and good. The top of the laptop has a nice metallic finish there is no texture the smooth gray color finish and the acer branding in the center. The left side have a DC jack and HDMI port Two USB 3.0 port and have a USB C port. On the other side have another USB 3.0 port and headphone jack and also have the power and hard drive indicators.  

The botton side of the laptop is have three rows worth of passive air intake fans and also have two speaker grilles and the bunch of rubber grips all over the bottom side. Inside the laptop Trackpad it’s an interesting design on the top left have the black box that is a fingerprint scanner which is a great feature the overall quality of Trackpad is decent and good. The keyboard also Nice have a all functional keys and the main thing is whole keyboard is fully backlight.

The Display fitting was good and the top side have a 720P camera. The Display is 15.6 Inch IPS display with the resolution of 1080P also know as full HD. The color rating is 51% SRGB you are the normal user just doing like Web browsing or word document or editing works and other basic normal usage was too good. It gives 300 nits brightness this is okay for indoor setting. This laptop is newest 11th generation core i5 processor is Nice. The gaming you can definitely game on this laptop and the graphics not bad. The temperature and noise for this laptop a CPU temp of 87 degrees.

The battery life is watching he videos or reading articles at 50 brightness got about 9.5 hours of battery. But you start gaming or video editing and that very quickly can drop to as low 5 hours. The speaker quality setup is decent and good. Well all things considered its was reasonable  because of the design and metallic top finish make it looks nice and also the high quality keyboard with a backlighting setup that was a great feature and the decent speakers system on this laptop which is nice for the ears. The web browsing and word processing or the normal graphics gaming this is a very well done laptop.

The Acer aspire 5 core i5 11th generation Laptop is priced at Rs.53,990.